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Peng2illa 1.5 Windows Installer
Windows installer of the game.
Kategorie:  Peng2illa

Grösse:  5623 kb 
Anzahl Downloads:  2101
18.07.2005 21:37 by Argoth:  Don't forget to come back and give some feedback :-)
24.07.2005 09:17 by Coz: Your game is pretty good! I'm impressed.
14.08.2005 16:35 by ARR: It is possible to play 2 people in the same computer, I can not find the option....
14.08.2005 16:37 by ARR: Sorry, bad post Is it possible to play 2 people in the same computer???, I can not find the option....
16.08.2005 17:47 by aed:  no.... in fact this would be a good idea... hmm we forgot that :) *shit* you can only play against AI on a single computer
25.08.2005 20:22 by Kazcous: I was looking for game algorithms to dev a game just as this! Playable on LAN! Impressive!
28.08.2005 12:34 by aed: hey kazcous... you can help us improve this one :)
29.10.2006 14:14 by Ahmed adh Abdullah: This game is the best game ever:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I LOVE this!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D::D:D
29.10.2006 14:14 by Perkele: Vittu että on paska peli!!!!!!!!!!!
04.04.2006 12:09 by Anarchy: This is great, but indeed, you really need to get more people to play on 1 pc
07.04.2006 09:59 by loco: 2 peoeple on one pc is the most needful option...
26.02.2007 19:53 by lacko kostúr: ano chcem ju
05.03.2008 23:50 by hk: ok
02.02.2009 22:37 by CJ: nice game!! makes a lot of fun! greets from germany.. =) CJ
24.07.2011 09:45 by Ebony: Frkalny I think that's absolutely good stuff.
27.07.2011 17:39 by ummfog: vbhpub , [url=]jrwawppafvez[/url], [link=]ampvfblaytgu[/link],
01.12.2011 19:27 by N: Still love it :D
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